Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And That Happened

Tigers 6, Yankees 4: It is quite obvious that Phil Hughes -- who is now 0-4 and has given up 34 hits and 13 walks in 22 innings -- is not ready to help a team with playoff aspirations. Know what else? He sucks as a blogger too. Three posts since opening day, and then he turns it over to Ensberg for a guest post which basically doubles the word count since inception. Despite that, the dude has had nearly a million hits in less than four months. If I had to guess, I'd say that he could probably get $2000-$3000 a month in ad revenue off that kind of traffic. With the way he's pitching, he may want to look into it. You know, just in case.

Red Sox 1, Blue Jays 0: That's what I call a pitching duel! Halladay pitches shutout ball for eight and two thirds, but loses because Lester and Papelbon did it for nine.

Nats 6, Braves 3: It only seems like these two teams have played each other a hundred times already. Glavine, returning from the DL, gives up two runs in six innings, only to have Blaine Boyer pour kerosene all over his handiwork (.1 IP, 3 H, 1BB, 4ER).

Cardinals 7, Reds 2: The Johnny Cueto freefall continues (1.2 IP, 8 H, 6 ER). He's had more ups and downs in April than most guys have over two or three seasons.

Brewers 10, Cubs 7: Welcome back Mike Cameron (3-5, 2 RBI). Not that he didn't have help, as the Brewers rapped out 17 hits against Jason Marquis and four Cub relievers. What's with Ben Sheets walking seven guys in five innings?

Dodgers 7, Marlins 6: Los Angeles pulls up to .500 for the first time in three weeks. They're still 5.5 games back, but hey, .500.

Phillies 7, Padres 4: Maddux (6 IP, 3 ER) is denied win number 350 once again. This has to be frustrating for Maddux, as you just know that he wants to pass Roger Clemens' 354 wins so that one day, hopefully, he will be thought of as highly as Clemens is today.

Royals 9, Rangers 5: Brett Tomko drops another stink bomb (3.1 IP, 7 H, 5 ER) but this time his offense -- they do actually have on in Kansas City, who knew? -- bails him out. Jose Guillen does most of the damage (2-4, HR, 5 RBI).

Angels 2, A's 0: The Angles only get 3 hits -- scoring their runs on a wild pitch and a fielder's choice of all things -- but that's all they need as Joe Saunders pitches eight scoreless innings, allowing the punchless A's only four measly singles.

Mariners 7, Indians 2: It was tied 2-2 entering the 9th inning and then three Cleveland relievers combined to give up five runs on six hits. I'd never thought I'd say this, but Cleveland has to be happy to hear that Joe Borowski may be back in a couple of weeks.

Orioles 7, Rays 4: Not your typical battle of AL East co-leaders, but that's what it was. If you still can't get your mind around it, just imagine Kevin Millar and Jay Payton in their Red Sox uniforms.

Rockies 3, Giants 2: The results of this game are way less significant than the fact that Troy Tulowitzki had to leave the game after doing something nasty to his back while fielding a grounder. Given how much of a bonus Tulowitzki's defense is, and given how nagging and chronic back injuries can be once they begin, the Rockies have to be worried. And obviously it's too early to know if it's serious or not, but don't you think Tulowitzki slept a bit better on that back last night knowing that, no matter how bad it is, at least he has his future covered?

UPDATE: Contrary to the game story, this AP report is saying that it was Tulowitzki's quad, not his back. Makes sense, seeing as though quad injuries are all the rage this year.


Kelly said...

Hughes needn't worry. Sabean's on the phone right now with a 7 year, $126 million offer....

(Debates whether to say it....does anyway) Good thing they wouldn't give up that guy for Santana.

Pete Toms said...

It's ugly early in Toronto.

Halladay looked super pissed at the end of the game. I thought Wells got a poor jump on Manny's single that put the winning run in scoring position ( the Jays homer announcers said nothing ) and he then bobbled Youkilis's game winning RBI single which allowed the limping Ortiz to score. Pedroia made a brilliant play in the top of the 9th on a Wells line drive 1 hopper to his right with Rolen on second and two out.

11 - 16 in the toughest division in baseball. They are gonna clean house soon, Gibbons, Ricciardi ( Godfrey will resign ) and any vets they can dump ( Burnett certainly ).

Dre said...

no love for Max Scherzer's debut? For shame Shyster, for shame

Anonymous said...


Saw highlights of Scherzer. Great arm. Dr. Andrews is already accepting appointments after seeing that delivery.

Watched the A's and Angels: is this the same Joe Saunders who looked like a younger Jamie Moyer last year? I saw 93 on the gun from him (probably 2 mph fast), great command on both corners and up and down, and a really good mix of speeds. Wow!

The beloved A's were no match for Saunders, and helped him by being very eager at the plate after scoring 14 the night before. Tonight they get the other Santana, who is 4-0. I'm almost afraid to watch this one.