Friday, April 18, 2008

Il Papa

From the bottom of Tyler Kepner's latest blog post:
Meanwhile, have pity on the Yankees’ clubhouse attendants. They have to take everything out of every locker by 6 a.m. Friday morning in preparation for the Pope’s visit on Sunday. Now that’s a long day at the office.
With all due respect, if the visitor's locker room at Yankee Stadium is good enough for Ted Williams, it's good enough for the Vicar of Christ.

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Osmodious said...

Actually, I think said Vicar will be put in the Umpire's dressing room...the Cardinals are going to use the Yankees' lockers.

As a Yankee fan, let me first make the point that it is borderline sacrilege to have 'Cardinals' in the Yankee locker room. Also, I'm sure there are plenty of others in the Yankee Universe (let those poor Sox fans have their piddly little 'Nation') who will second this sentiment: there had better be a guard, armed with mace and the will to use it, placed in front of Thurman's locker.