Monday, April 21, 2008

Walkless Wonders

I've picked on Joey Votto a bit in the past few days for not walking yet, but he's not the worst offender in the league. Behold the list of dudes with a minimum of 20 ABs who haven't walked yet :

Matt Diaz (ATL): 62 ABs
Joey Votto (CIN): 47 ABs
Jose Molina (NYY): 36 ABs
Mike Fontenot: (CHC): 31 ABs
Jay Payton (BAL): 30 ABs
Greg Dobbs (PHI): 25 ABs
Brian Bixler (PIT): 24 ABs
So Taguchi (PHI): 21 ABs
Darin Erstad (HOU): 20 ABs

That list captures some part time players, which Votto certainly is not (I made it 20 ABs so that Votto wouldn't feel alone). Diaz is worse, of course, but at least he's been benched the past three games. How long until Dusty does something about Votto?

Trick question! He's not going to do anything about it because it's my guess that Dusty created Votto's problem with all of his preseason talk about being aggressive (he was fairly patient in the minors).


Chris H. said...

The last thing Dusty wants is someone that will just "clog the bases" with all o' that unnecessary walkin'.

Dumbest. Baseball. Manager. Ever.

rswift said...

Small sample size alert. Dusty may be partly to blame, but to say that he created the problem is a stretch. Probably mostly due to randomness and the difficulty of the transition to facing much better pitchers.

Mark Runsvold said...

Votto walked today!