Monday, April 28, 2008

Davey on Roger

Davey Johnson -- in a wonderfully wide-ranging interview with the Daily News -- has this to say about Clemens and steroids:
DN: Did you watch the Clemens-McNamee congressional hearing? Who did you

DJ: You know who I believed. Roger Clemens was a great pitcher. He pitched by intimidating. Try to get an edge, look at you. He'd hit his grandmother if he thought it would help him win a game. You've got to admire what he's done. But he's in that group where you've got to believe that anything he would do to make himself better, he's going to do. I just think the deal in those hearings - that's just his personality. He's going to try to intimidate: "I'm coming through here and you're not going to get in my way."

I'm inclined to believe that a guy like Davey Johnson has a better read on a major leaguer's mindset than most folks opining on the subject, and to me this sounds pretty convincing.


tadthebad said...

Craig, I agree with you about Johnson. But didn't you individually develop the same theory on ole Rog as well? I know I did. I mean, Johnson isn't exactly rewriting the science of psychology here. And I'm damned sure I'm not breaking new ground, either.

Craig Calcaterra said...

Yeah, pretty much. I'll admit that I'm particularly angry at Clemens today over all of that McCready stuff, so I'm happy to post something slagging him given the opportunity.

ShysterBall: where it's OK to be biased as long as you wear those biases on your sleeve!

64cardinals said...

See, now you've just opened it up to the Yankees and Red Sox fans. Don't the rest of us suffer enough.