Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Quality Assurance

The Rays employ former utility guy Tim Bogar as their "Quality Assurance Coach":

Although he's liable to be on the field before a game throwing batting practice or hitting fungoes, Bogar isn't one of the Rays' six uniformed coaches during games. Instead, he follows the action from the stands or press box, gaining a different perspective that more befits the white-collar job title . . .

. . . "If he sees us getting into any patterns, if we're tipping things off, if the route the left fielder took wasn't as good as we thought it was from the dugout," Maddon says, "he'll be able to see things up there that we can't see" . . . "Sitting in the stands during a game, I don't have the emotion of sitting in the dugout," he says. "I'll be making sure Joe has all the information he needs going into a series. So, I'll be checking the Internet and reading the local papers in advance besides evaluating what's going on during games."
Sort of a neat idea, I suppose. Kinda sounds like Bill Simmons' "Vice President of Common Sense."


Jason said...

that's my dream job.

sitting at a game, watching everything, reading the papers, surfing the internet. then sharing with the manager.

how can I get one of those gigs?

Craig Calcaterra said...

For starters, it seems, you need to bat .228/.298/.332 as a utility infielder for the Mets, Astors, and Dodgers for nine years.

Jason said...

I've been around those levels for my softball teams for 9 years. How's that?