Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Big Hurt to Oaktown?

Buster Olney reports that the A's are interested in Frank Thomas. If so, it looks like Mike Sweeney may be done, as a Thomas-Cust platoon at DH makes an awful lot of sense.


Alex said...

Considering Thomas left Toronto because he wouldn't accept part time duty, why would he be willing to platoon in Oakland? Or was his playing time in Toronto reduced beyond that of even a platoon role? Anyway, I'd love to see him in a lineup everyday, and a team that can bear his slow start should give him the chance. There was a lot of chatter about the Rays picking up Bonds...maybe they'll think about The Hurt now. I mean, he's actually a good clubhouse guy, right? (Maybe not, I don't know.)

Craig Calcaterra said...

I think it was less about a part time role in Toronto as it was a full-fledged benching, borne (probably) of the desire to keep Thomas from reaching the requisite number of plate appearances to trigger his lucrative 2009 option. My guess is that Thomas would take any job where he was wanted and could contribute now, because it beats sitting on his keister at home.

Not sure about Thomas the clubhouse guy. My sense is that he's not a "leader" in the way people often talk about it, but I don't think he's ever been a distraction or a problem. I think he's just the sort that goes about his business relatively quietly, but others may have better insight than me on that.

Justin Zeth said...

No, Thomas would be (as the RH hitter) the short end of a platoon, which from his perspective is essentially the same as being benched. Whoever signs him is going to have to write him into the lineup at DH every day.

That said, he's probably an upgrade at the DH slot for everybody in the league except the Red Sox, Yankees, Indians, and Angels. As everyone keeps helpfully pointing out to Bill Bavasi, he makes the most sense for the Mariners, but he makes good sense for the A's too. If they play Jack Cust at DH every day, they're likely to be disappointed.