Monday, April 14, 2008

The New York Baseball Giants Nostalgia Society

While most of us here know better, I'm guessing that if you polled the public at large, a surprisingly low number would know that the Giants once played in New York. The New York Baseball Giants Nostalgia Society would not be in that group of ignoramuses:
George H. Gregor, who used to ride the crosstown bus from the Bronx to the Polo Grounds, honors the Giants of his youth, and McGraw, whose nicknames included Muggsy, in a 200-page baseball poem called “A Ride on the Mendoza Line.” One verse reads:

How is it, you ask, I on Giants teams dwell,

And stop this narration to pause and to tell

Of Muggsy’s exploits that were so long ago

When Coogan’s Bluff’s tenants were hits of the Show?

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Jake said...

Just last week, we were watching a Padres-Giants game, and my wife asked me where the Giants played. I told her "San Francisco", and she mentioned that she thought they were from New York. I explained, "No, that's the Football team" and went on to explain how the baseball Giants played there before moving out west to San Fran.

Well, fast-forward to three days ago, when her sister was visiting, and somehow (?!?) mentioned the New York Giants. My wife proceeded to tell her all about the difference between the NYGs and the SFGs, just as good as I could have explained it!

Not bad for someone who never watched a single game of baseball before we were married <5 years ago, huh?

Just wanted to share... :-)