Friday, April 11, 2008

Young on Hoffman

Geoff Young investigates the conventional wisdom which holds that Trevor Hoffman doesn't pitch all that well in non-save situations.

I like this article for the simple reason that Young -- who, as most of you know, writes the stellar Padres blog Ducksnorts -- has probably seen Hoffman pitch more than anyone this side of Jerry Coleman. He no doubt had an opinion about this before, yet rather than simply bang out a paragraph based on his casual assumption, he actually investigates the issue to see if it's true, and is happy to end on a somewhat inconclusive note because, hey, that's where the data took him.

You think Shaughnessy would do that about the Sox or Ringolsby about the Rockies?


Dre said...

uh oh Craig, you said a dirty word "Ringolsby"... I thought this was a family blog

Drew said...

Well, if one of them did, they'd probably have pointed out that Hoffman has a 9-26 record in save situations, and a 44-36 record in non-save situations, and since, you know, Wins and Losses are all that matter, he's clearly better in non save situations. Ahem.

Geoff Young said...

Thanks, Craig. I was really hoping to debunk the theory, but facts kept getting in my way.