Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And That Happened

Actually, between the rain and a light schedule, not much happened at all . . .

Yankees 5, Indians 2: Last evening I had the privilege of watching my four year-old daughter's preschool class put on a show. They sang little songs about pet turtles, ABCs and teddy bears. Though not the tightest production of all time, it was a moving experience because, hey, it was my kid up there, and I would have sat through it if it took three hours. After I got home and put my kids to bed, I turned on this game. It wasn't the tightest production either, and since I have no rooting interest in either team, it was pretty unbearable. Now I sort of know how the non-parents at my kid's show felt.

Reds 4, Cardninals 3: Edwin Encarnacion (2-4, 2 2B, 2 RBI) was the hero, if anyone can be called that in a 4-3 game, hitting a couple of RBI doubles and making a nice snag at third. I find myself rooting for Encarnacion because I encountered him on the day of his major league debut. The Reds were in Cleveland playing an interleague series with the Indians. I was there for a weekend seminar at my firm's home office, and was checking into the Marriott at Public Square, which is where the Reds were staying. As I was getting my room key, Encarnacion -- who had just been called up and was getting in a day later than the team -- came up to the counter next to me and said "I'd like to check in please." The clerk behind the desk asked his name and he said it. She said "oh, Mr. Encarnacion, you don't need to check in," and handed him a big manila envelop with his name written on it in big black letters. He took it and sort of turned it over in his hands a minute, said thank you, and walked towards the elevators.

Though I figured he was a ballplayer, I didn't know who he was then or that it was his first day in the majors, so my memory of him breaking into an excited smile may be a trick of hindsight. Still, I think of that moment every time I hear about a guy being called up from the minors, and imagine him being handed an envelope full of meal money, a room key, and hope, and walking to an elevator with the dawning realization that, yes, he has finally made the big leagues.

Orioles 3, White Sox 3: Due to inclement weather, they had to stop this one before they could fini

Diamondbacks 5, Astros 3: The Diamondbacks have played 14 of their 26 games on the road so far this sesaon. Last year, they were ten games better at home than they were on the road, and that pattern has continued so far this season. Upshot: with a ten game home stand opening up, Arizona -- who already has a 6.5 game lead -- could build a practically prohibitive one in the NL West in the next week or two.

A's 14, Angels 2: The rumbling felt in southern California last night was not an earthquake. It was Frank Thomas hitting a triple.

Giants 4, Rockies 0: While it was nice that Matt Cain pitched 5.1 scoreless innings, he walked five guys and took 108 pitches to do it, turning a four run lead over to the pen. That was OK last night, but he's going to have to be more efficient beginning with his next start, because the Giants have acquired a new long man who simply can't be trusted to hold that kind of a lead.

Further posts may be a bit delayed this morning, folks. You see, it freaking SNOWED in Ohio this morning, and that has put a serious dent in my mojo.


Jason said...

SNOW? Yeesh. Hang in there!

Alex said...

Barry Zito: most expensive relief pitcher ever?

Anonymous said...


Note on the Yankees-Cleveland game: Yankees bullpen: 4 IP, 2 hits, 0 BB, 4 SO. A 7 inning game is one thing. A 5 inning game is taking it to a new level. Too bad they don't have 4 other relievers as effective as last night's 4.

As for Mr. Frank Thomas, it was sad watching Vlad chase Frank's drive down the RF line, then be unable to stop, then have to execute a 3 point turn after he overran the ball. How bad is his back anyway?

While it is pleasing to see the beloved A's in first place, you can't help but wonder when the smoke will clear to expose the mirrors propping up their pitching.

Fosse made a good point about the warm weather: the A's are a warning track power team in cold air. With SoCal temps in the 80's yesterday, they had 3 HR's, including 2 first row jobs.