Thursday, April 3, 2008

Larry Bowa Soberly Reflects

Larry Bowa was suspended for three games as a result of his hissy fit the other night. Predictably, he took things in stride, waxing philosophical about it and offering insightful, even wistful ruminations on his fate:
“It’s ludicrous is what it is. Probably the suspension’s more ludicrous than the rule,” Bowa said before Wednesday night’s game. “There’s no due process. For getting kicked out of the game, you get a three-game suspension. It’s totally uncalled for. I have no idea why. You have to ask the people in New York that wear the coats and ties and don’t get on the field.

“You’ve got guys who tested positive for steroids and admitted they took them—no suspensions. They’re still playing,” Bowa said.

Most of the time I'm glad baseball is run the way it is run, but at times like these I wish we had a David Stern or Roger Goodell who, if one of their coaches spouted off like Bowa, would sink them to the bottom of a river somewhere.

Absent that, we're left to reflect upon how a sixty-two year-old man can have temper tantrums like he does and still look at himself in the mirror in the morning with some semblance of self respect.

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