Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cueto Crush

My coworker Mark (big Reds fan) is currently watching the game cast of the Reds-DBacks. So far Johnny Cueto is perfect through three with five strikeouts. He's coming in here every five minutes asking me to buy in on the ground floor. I'll admit it: I'm impressed.

If I don't hear from Mark again this afternoon I'll assume the worst (5 runs on 4 hits and a couple of Encarnacion throwing errors in a single inning) after which I'll call the suicide hotline.

UPDATE: It's now (2:05pm) 15 up and 15 down for Cueto, with 8 Ks. Mark just came in here dancing. Trying to take some of the wind out of his sails, I noted that (a) the DBacks don't exactly have a fearsome offense; and (b) it's like 45 degrees in Cincy right now, so those Arizona guys aren't exactly on top of their game.

His response: "Cueto is from the Dominican Republic! He's more affected by the cold than any of those guys!"

Can't keep an optimist down. By the way, this update is also so that I can go on record and note that Mark was, in fact, calling for a Cueto no-hitter before the first pitch today, so you know, credit where credit is due in the event it happens.

UPDATE #2: Justin Upton jacks a line drive homer. Alas.

UPDATE #3: Depite the best efforts of David Weathers (3 BB in the 8th inning), Cueto gets the win, finishing with 7 IP, 1ER, 10 K, 0 BB on 92 pitches. Kudos to Dusty for pulling him (a) after he threw a reasonable number of pitches; and (b) at a time when, no matter what happened, he couldn't get the loss.


Anonymous said...

Then he got the next two out- 10 Ks through 6 ain't bad.

Drew said...

Way to jinx it, Shyster.

Craig Calcaterra said...

Hey, he won didn't he?

Pete Toms said...

Jeff Blair wrote this spring that Cueto reminded him of a young Pedro. Blair covered the young Pedro as an Expos' beat writer.

Dre said...

As a Dbacks fan, I'm removing all memory of this game from my brain. This team always ALWAYS struggles against rookie pitchers.

Marty McKee said...

I still think Baker, ironically, pulled Cueto too soon. My personal rule is that, if you yank a pitcher, you have to replace him with someone better, and there's no doubt that the D'backs were happier to see Weathers on the mound in the 8th than Cueto. I'm not saying let Cueto throw 130 pitches or even 120, but I think he can go longer than 92. If the Reds are going to contend, he's going to have to throw more than 92.

Of course, if Dusty wasn't a complete boob, he would have brought in Cordero to pitch the 8th.