Wednesday, April 2, 2008

And That Happened

Marlins 5, Mets 4 (10 innings): When your putative number 2 starter leaves after 50 pitches because "he felt something pop," the score may as well have been 56-0.

Yankees 3, Blue Jays 2: Melky Cabrera is the last person to hit the first home run of the season in Old Yankee Stadium. Kevin Snodgrass of Nyack, NY is the last person to take the first dump of the season in the third base concourse men's room in Old Yankee Stadium. Lucy Franklin of Hoboken is the last woman to . . .

Red Sox 2, Oakland 1: Dice-K: 6.2 IP, 9K, 2H 1 ER. Obviously the guy just needed to get back to some U.S. home cookin'.

Rangers 5, Mariners 4: Josh Hamilton smacks a 2-run homer off of Putz in the ninth to win it. Meanwhile, the Reds are going with a centerfielder with a .297 career OBP. And he's leading off.

Dodgers 3, Giants 2: Matt Cain: 5.2 IP, 0 ER, 0 runs in support, no decision. He's going to have a lot of that this season. In other news, Juan Pierre gets the start in left, goes 0-2, and is lifted for a pinch hitter as Andre Either goes 3-5.


Will said...

I was at the A's-Red Sox game last night, sitting in the Red Sox section (unfortunately for me). The things I noticed about the game:

These west coast Red Sox "fans" don't get to that many games. During the first few innings, anytime any of their favored sluggers hit a ball in the air, they stood up as if it were going out of the park. When Jack Cust hit his, I was one of a minority of Oakland fans to who stood up to admire his drive, recognizing the hit for what it was.

Every Red Sox fan I could hear was complaining about how bad Dice-K was, and the money wasted on him, ignoring the performance he was putting on. If only the A's had that much money to "waste". They also complained about Crisp, who did nothing to dispel the belief that he needs to go.

I HATE bad umpiring calls. Varitek's "double" bounced UP off the top of the wall, and then back in. Francona argued the call to no avail. If the umpires are going to be that blind, fans in the bleachers should bring balls to throw back onto the field. Yeah, I know, it's been tried.

The A's have finally started charging more for "premium" games. $40 for field level tickets against the Yankees (boo), the Red Sox (boo), and the Giants (yawn), and somewhere around $32 for any other game.

Anonymous said...


What was it Bill James said in his era has a monopoly on stupidity...some people will always be ahead of the curve, and others behind it.

To wit: Josh Hamilton is traded by the Reds. For the Reds, Joey Votto sits on the bench and Jay Bruce, centerfielder, plays in the minors. Hamilton's game winner for Texas comes off JJ Putz no less, the West Coast version of Papelbon.

If they traded Hamilton and then played Bruce it would at least make some sense.

As for Cain, and Lincecum, after a while this year, they will lose some competitiveness. It's inevitable at their age, just like with Maroth and Bonderman a few year's ago in Detroit. After a while, you take the ball and know in the back of your mind that you are probably going to lose.

In addition to a total lack of offense, SF is in real trouble in middle relief. Hennessey was their "good" guy (based on last year's efforts), and he had a horrible Spring. What was it Olney said this morning, 462 runs is the record low for an NL team in a season? Right now the Giants are averaging 1 run a game (admittedly small sample-2 games, but you have to watch them to appreciate the punchless lineup). They could come in under 400 runs this year.