Tuesday, August 5, 2008


That's what David Ortiz says he felt in his bad wrist:

“My last at-bat, it kind of pulled back a little bit,” Ortiz said of his wrist. “You feel that click and you get a little concerned about it.”

While Ortiz did not know whether the problem would affect his status for tonight’s game, he knew he might experience some instability in his wrist after tearing a tendon sheath earlier in the season. Ortiz effectively missed two months while resting and rehabilitating the injury, and team medical personnel cautioned him he might feel movement in the joint from time to time.
Eeek. Even if it doesn't mean anything -- I've had a click in my knee for about ten years that creates no problem outside of the click itself -- you have to wonder whether Papi is going to ease up on the swing and proceed with less violence towards the baseball than he typically displays.


Jeff said...

er, as a Royals fan, I think he should take it very easy for the next two games.

Don't want to blow out that wrist or anything...

themarksmith said...

As the song says, "Click. Click. BOOM!"