Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Phillies 1, Homophobes, Nats 0

Last night was Gay Community Night at Citizens Bank Park. It was quite a success in that (a) event organizers reported that they sold more promotional tickets for last night's game than were originally allotted; and (b) there was no repeat of the ugliness from previous years. Best part? For the first time in the event's six-year history, the Phillies actually won the game:

I’m not sure if the local right-wing protest group showed up outside the gates,
as they have in previous years (I’m not even going to mention the group’s name —
why give them any more exposure?) but no longer can they celebrate the fact that
the Phils have always lost on Gay Community Night. Sucks to be them, huh?

It sucked to be haters like that to begin with, but yes, anytime someone is deprived of jerk-fuel, the world becomes a better place. Probably sucks worse to be the Nats, though, who (a) had the displeasure of losing the game; followed by (b) getting called "a minor league team masquerading as the Washington Nationals" by's Jocktalk blog.

I've been freaking out a bit lately because I'm going to take a vacation next week and I'm leaning strongly towards not blogging during that time. Maybe I should email the guy to pinch hit for me because in his effortless trashing of the Nats, he sounds like a natural for the And That Happened updates.


Anonymous said...


And I thought my beloved AAA's had a lock on the "AAA team masquerading as a major league team."

Wait a minute, the A's ARE a AAA team. Practically all their guys have seen time at Sacramento this year.

drpaisley said...

Not sure "jerk-fuel" is the best term for this particular story, but otherwise, hellz yeah.

Wish we'd have one here in KC. I'd be happy to show up to support my GBLT (Gay Bacon Lesbian Tomato) friends.

Went to a game earlier this year (not the one with the blonde fountain) to celebrate my proxy son's birthday, and he brought a number of his co-workers (including his supervisor) from the restaurant he works at. Said restaurant is well-known in the area as gay-friendly (their logo is a rainbow triangle; just sayin'). As we waited for the game to start, my boy's manager started fluttering his hands at the field, and said " 'Angels in the Outfield', one of the movies of my people." I looked at him and replied, "Wouldn't that be 'Anus in the Outfield'?"

And it got real quiet on the Group W bench, until he said, "Oh, hitting below the belt . . . which I like." Royals even won that time.