Thursday, August 7, 2008

O's Fans Don't Know What's Good For Them

Orioles fans would like nothing more than for Maryland native Mark Teixeira to sign with Baltimore this offseason:
Baltimore definitely has Teixeira fever, and there are countless fan sites and postings on message boards devoted to the topic. There's even an online petition with nearly 100 signatures clamoring for him to play for the Orioles, and Teixeira said Wednesday that it's a reflection of the Baltimore area's rabid desire to break back into contention.

"I think it would probably be different if the Orioles had won a lot recently, but with the dominance of the Yankees and Red Sox, those fans are just hungry," he said. "It's always something that would be very special to me. But like I said, in a couple months, when the season's over, I'll sit down and make those decisions. "

Who's gonna tell Orioles fans that, given where the O's are on the success cycle, the best case scenario would be for Teixeira to not sign with their team? That the sort of money and pressure that would accompany Teixeira's presence would discourage the continuance of slowly building with younger, cheaper talent as Andy MacPhail has done? That, if Teixeira were to be given a dump truck full of cash to come to Baltimore, it would constitute a clear signal that Peter Angelos is working at cross purposes to his GM and once again meddling in a way that he hasn't seemed to do for the past couple of years?

Teixeira is a really good player, but he's not the right guy for the Orioles as they are currently constructed. As someone who would like to see that once-proud franchise return to glory or at least something approximating it, it would bum me out to see him in the orange, black, and white.


Jon said...

Not all Orioles fans want him in Baltimore. I know he's a local guy (I went to high school with him), but he doesn't exactly solve our most pressing need (A starting rotation).

Drew said...

Nearly 100 signatures? Is it just me, or is that pretty pitiful? I mean, I realize it's an idiotic online petition to sign a baseball player, but there's no situation where saying that nearly 100 people want a team to sign a player represents a major display of support for the idea. Unless the O's are really that hard up for fans nowadays.

Rackz said...

The first person the O's need to target with a contract is Jeremy Guthrie. Starting pitching is the foundation of a team, no great offense can overshadow that (see Texas Rangers).

sportsguy said...

You don't sign Tex with an eye on 2009...You sign him with an eye on 2010 and beyond...Our system has pretty much no power, outside of Wieters and Reimold.

We want to contend at some point and we need a lot more talent to do that. When you have the chance to add a 35-40 homer/900 OPS, GG caliber player, you do it. Add in the idea of all the hometown stuff and he is a perfect match for us.

Now, you obviously have to be careful at how much he give him but he should absolutely be a huge target for us in the offseason

Eric said...

haha drew stole my thunder!

those 100 people better be pretty fucking passionate.

Miller High Life said...

Mark Teixeira is a FIGJAM. He doesn't fit in McPhail’s plan and he brings significant negative energy to every organization he's ever been with. The risk clearly outweighs the benefit.

Craig Calcaterra said...

Champagne of Beers: I agree with your analysis, but what's a FIGJAM?

ChopperJim said...

According to the February GQ article naming Phil Mickelson one of the most hated guys in sports, the other players on the PGA Tour referred to him as “FIGJAM,” which stands for,
F_ck I'm Great, Just Ask Me!

Accordingly, I’ve taken some liberty/license to use it, as needed, for other sports celebs that are off the charts when being self-centered, narcissistic, arrogant assholes, like Tex!

IMHO - ChopperJim