Friday, August 8, 2008

And That Happened

Dodgers 4, Cardinals 1: Youngling Clayton Kershaw has only given up one run over his last nineteen innings. One of those games was against the Nats, and since they're basically a AAA offense, they don't really count. But blanking the Diamondbacks over six innings and giving up one run in seven innings with 7 Ks against the Cardinals is very respectable. St. Louis had runners on second and third with one out in the bottom of the ninth, but Rick Ankiel and Skip Schumaker both whiffed to end it. Ankiel's reaction to his unclutchiness can be seen to the right.

Mets 5, Padres 3
: David Wright and the bullpen both had bad nights on Wednesday. Thankfully for the Mets, one of them got back on track yesterday afternoon. Wright went 3-5 with a game-winning two-run homer. The bullpen? Eh. Johan Santana pitched into the eighth, but it then took five Mets' relievers to get through the last two innings. In the process they blew another win for Johan, but I suppose that's better than losing the whole game, right?

Marlins 3, Phillies 0: It's a shutout by committee as five Marlins' pitchers combine to blank Philly. Did somebody give the Mets and Marlins Friday night off without telling me, because they certainly went through the bullpens yesterday, no? At least they're playing each other tonight, so that should make for a nice sloppy game. Or maybe there's some day-night thing going on here. Quick: has anyone ever looked into whether the five or six extra hours rest an arm gets when going from day game to night game makes any difference? Is Arthur Rhodes going to be more effective tonight against the Mets for having had that extra time? I'm actually only half kidding here.

Nationals 6, Rockies 3 and, um, Nationals 6, Rockies 3: Lastings Milledge comes up pretty spiffy in both games of the twin bill, and the Rockies end up dropping three of four against the otherwise woeful Nats. But don't worry, Colorado. Help is on the way!

Blue Jays 6, A's 4: I was thinking about committing suicide last night, so I called one of those hotlines. I thought I'd be greeted by some volunteer telling me about how much I had to live for and all of that jazz, but it didn't happen. Instead, she just told me to go over to a game thread at Athletics Nation if I wanted to see true suffering. So I turned the gas off on the oven and gave it a try. I'll admit, after seeing that kind of misery, I do feel much better about life.

Astros 7, Reds 4: Roy Oswalt just owns the Reds. He was 20-1 with a 2.61 ERA against them in 25 games all-time entering last night, and dominated them once again. The bullpen allowed three of those runs after he was gone.

Yankees 3, Rangers 0: Mike Mussina continues his unexpectedly wonderful season, this time shutting out the rangers over seven innings to notch his 15th win.

Tigers 8, White Sox 3: Here's one of the weaker saves you'll ever see. Fernando Rodney comes in the bottom of the eighth with the Tigers up 5-3, and throws five pitches to get out of the inning. In the top of the ninth, the Tigers score three more runs, to make it 8-3. Rodney then comes back in the ninth and sets the Sox down, fiercely protecting that five run cushion for the save. What exactly did Rodney save? If you call the short preservation of the two run lead in the eighth, why then don't setup men who do that all the time get credited with a save? The last thing I wish to do is to speak ill of the recently deceased, but the save rule is really frickin' dumb.

Mariners 2, Rays 1: Maybe the win rule sucks too. After all, how is it fair that Felix Hernandez can give up one run on four hits over eight and not get the W? And what are you lookin' at, windmill? You got something smart to say? And you, sun! What's with this risin' in the east stuff? Whaddaya tryin' to prove?

Braves 6, Diamondbacks 4: Braves pitcher Charlie Morton had his best ever outing, shutting out the Dbacks over 7. Not that it was all good for him. In the third he doubled, but was then was caught napping off the bag and picked off by the catcher. Bobby Cox: "I knew that was going to happen." The kangaroo court's fine jar probably got bigger as a result of that.


Dre said...

Sure fire way to beat the DBacks: start a young guy with an ERA north of 5.50.

Vegas Watch said...

I've wondered about the extra five hours of rest thing, too. I have no idea. I don't see why there wouldn't be some kind of effect though--it's not like you need to be sleeping for your arm to rest or something.

RoyceTheBaseballHack said...

Not much intrigue hiding beyond the box score in the final Rangers - Yankees regular season match up for the season, tonight. The bottom line - Scott Feldman threw what was easily one of his best games of the year for Texas; seven very strong innings, good control, good velocity, his slider was sliding, and he only gave up two runs. However, Mussina was Mussina; he girds up his loins and throws better. So much better, in fact, that he threw seven incredible innings, gets the win, and hands the Rangers their first shut-out in Arlington since last August (only their second blanking this season - but both since The Break). Kinlser, Young and Hamilton collectively go 0-12 for the night. The series sends one Yankee (Chamberlain), and one Ranger (Murphy) to the DL. In retrospect, they did at least split the series, and called A-Rod a cab to DFW after he goes 0-14 in four games. And, yes, we acknowledge that the two games The Rangers won were the two Rivera was not available for. At least we don't have to put up with another invasion of Yankess fans in Arlington for a while.

themarksmith said...

"Unclutchiness"? Brilliant.

Anonymous said...


Since you've done so well with "unclutchiness", we need something more adequate to describe the depths of the A's woefulness.

By the way, there is extra staff on suicide watch over the Golden Gate as the A's losing stretch has extended to three straight series.

Quick: everyone calculate where Detroit will be when they win the next 3 against the A's.

Rob said...

Here's an interesting stat that I'd like to see investigated but have neither the time nor the resources to look up myself: Show me "saves" wherein the pitcher merely finished the inning instead of finished the game.

And while we're at it, how about abolishing the three-run save when starting the ninth inning. Three-run saves are only allowed for situations when the pitcher comes in with men on base, or when he records more than three outs.