Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Posnanski To S.I.

After years of treading creative water, someone at Sports Illustrated finally got a clue and hired the best there is. From Posnanski:

Starting next week, SportsIllustrated.com — si.com, for short — will be reprinting this blog. Don’t even ask how that happened. And, even more thrilling, starting next week I will write one column a week for the Sports Illustrated dot-com — I believe it will appear on Wednesdays.
Awesome news for Posnanski, and even more awesome news for SI, who quite frankly needs him way more than he needs them. He'll still be at the K.C. Star, but the man is so prolific and so damn good that he could be split three or four ways and not be diminished.


bigcatasroma said...

That's awesome for Joe. Is SI available in China? If so, does this now mean the Chinese will at least be able to catch Joe once a week?

Mark Armour said...

Sports Illustrated is still where the best sportswriting -- and I emphazise "writing" -- is. A great, great honor for Joe and well deserved.