Monday, August 11, 2008

I'll Take Two in Chrome Yellow, Please

On August 24th, the Mets will be holding one of their "Mr. Met Dash" promotions. They're neat! Kids 12 and under get to run the bases! The whole thing is presented by Nestle Drumstick, so even the fat kids will want to do it! What's more, on August 24th, it's also free t-shirt day! Man, if you could find a way to attract more kids to a stadium I'd like to hear it!

But just make sure your little Met fan doesn't chew on Shea's historic, soon-to-be-sold seats:

After the last out of the last game -- hopefully in October, says the Mets' Mr. Howard -- the seats will be removed and repainted. That's because paint on the metal frames, which date back to opening season in 1964, contains lead, a metal that can affect brain development. The seats will also be authenticated by Major League Baseball representatives, to ensure the value of seats in the collectibles market.
You learn something new every day, no?

1 comment:

matt said...

If I were a lesser man I would make some crass comment about the lead in the seats explaining the behavior of many Mets fans, but I'm not a lesser man, so I won't go there.

But seriously, does anyone have a better explanation?