Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon

A note from ShysterBall uber-commenter, tadthebad:

Today and tomorrow, the Red Sox are teaming with WEEI and NESN for the 7th annual Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. Funds collected are given to the Jimmy Fund which benefits the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The Red Sox have been connected to this charity since the days of the Splendid Splinter, and last year alone the radio-telethon raised over $3 million. Dana-Farber is a world renowned cancer treatment institute, and its dealings with kids afflicted with cancer takes the main focus of the event. Truly, Dana-Farber does God's work. I had a friend who until his end endlessly praised the work of Dana-Farber. Another friend of mine beat cancer, thanks in large part to Dana-Farber. Whatever one's feelings about the Red Sox as a baseball team, this charity is well worth any donation. In years past (and I assume this year as well), none other than George Steinbrenner would contribute large donations to the Jimmy Fund via this radio-telethon. If you have the time, check out or and make a pledge. Kids with cancer is just about the worst thing in the world . . . we can help the cause.
Thanks for the reminder, Tad. To make a gift, go here, or call 1-877-738-1234.

UPDATE: And while we're at it, Jason at IIATMS has a post up about another worthy cause.

UPDATE: Now Jason is making it interesting: make a $100 donation, get a guest post on IIATMS. I would personally like to encourage Red Sox fans to take him up on the offer.


tadthebad said...

Thanks, Craig. Jason also made a post over at IIATMS. You didn't have to mention anything, so a post was a great surprise. Great work as always, and thank you very much once again.

BTW, uber-commenter? Thanks for the ego head can't fit through the door now.

Craig Calcaterra said...

No problem, Tad. It's my pleasure.

Jason said...

Hey, if anyone brings a $100 donation, you can bash ME. Want to kill the Yanks, Hank, ARod, Jeter, whatever.... put your money where your mouth is.

Put up to shut me up.

Jason said...

Good news, Tadthebad was the first to take me up on the challenge. The mic will be his.