Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympic Dream Teams

Many of us have farted around with this idea in the past, but John Donovan takes a crack at what the big four Olympic baseball teams (Japan, U.S., Cuba, D.R.) would look like if major leaguers were in Beijing.

Setting aside the fact that (a) the Cubans would in no way allow defectors to play for their team; (b) the Dominicans would be crazy to put Soriano at second base; (c) David Ortiz recently became a U.S. citizen, so he's listed on the wrong team; and (d) if the Chinese are banning, they certainly aren't letting Milton Bradley in the country, hey it's a pretty good list.


Pete Toms said...

No Canada? Take off, eh!

C Martin
C Kottarras ( sic? ) / St. Pierre
1B Morneau
2B Orr
SS Klassen ( still playing? )
3B Koskie???
IF Clapp
OF Bay
OF Stairs
OF Saunders
OF Weglarz
OF Stern
DH Votto
1B / DH Thorman
P Hill
P Harden
P Dempster
P Francis
P Gagne
P Crain
P Richmond
P Begg
P Braun???
P Green
P Mathieson???

Who am I missing?

rob said...

Given the generous application of citizenship that the IOC has in place for athletes (I'm looking at you, Georgian women's beach volleyball team...), David Ortiz would likely still be playing for the D.R.

Pete Toms said...

Bédard??? Can you include the injured?

Welcome to language politics in this country. I've seen debate on the web as to whether his name should be spelled Bédard or Bedard. How petty is that?

Christopher D. Heer said...

Yeah, Pete, that's a team that's going to collect a lot of gold.

Will Rush perform the Canadian National Anthem?

Stephen S. said...

Two words for the US team. Chase Utley.