Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Ballpark Village

After throwing a bit of trash on the idea of "ballpark villages" yesterday, I feel obligated to note another such project that is underway, and that's in Winston-Salem:

The first mixed-use building being developed around the new baseball stadium in downtown Winston-Salem is bringing a big-league feel to the ballpark.

The developers said yesterday that One Ballpark Center, a six-story building, will be within reach of a long home run past the right-field fence -- a la Camden Yards, the home field of the Baltimore Orioles.

The building is being designed to blend with the rustic, urban architecture of the 5,500-seat stadium.
"Rustic, urban"? Let's break that down with the help of Mr. Webster, shall we:

Rustic: of, relating to, or suitable for the country
Urban: of, relating to, characteristic of, or constituting a city
Hey, it's their stadium. They can describe it however they want. Anyway:

"The office is being built to be part of the facilities of the stadium," Prim said. "It will offer a great view of the ballpark and the downtown skyline to its occupants . . . It is anticipated that users of the office space will buy tickets to participate fully in the stadium experience," he said.
I don't know about you, but if you put me in an office building directly behind the rightfield wall of a ballpark, I'm going to "participate fully in the stadium experience" by bringing binoculars and my own beer.


Ken Dynamo said...

i 'spose it'll be just like all those other cookie cutter bucolic cosmopolitan parks they're building these days.

Richard Dansky said...

I've been to Winston-Salem for, of all things, a cross-stitch festival. Trust me, that's about right.