Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And That Happened

For various reasons which include a big thunderstorm and a scared 4 year-old girl, this will be a bit abbreviated today (and other posts won't be up until a later this morning), but for what it's worth:

Reds 9, Marlins 6: 600. Because I did it for Chipper, I'll do it for Jr.: #1: Eric King; #100: Billy Brewer; #200: Vaughn Eshelman; #300: Jose Mesa; #400: Rolando Arrojo; #500: Matt Morris; #600: Mark Hendrickson.

Royals 3, Yankees 2: Jose Guillen wins the game on a homer in the ninth, then does a bunch of fist pumps or something that got the otherwise placid Mariano Rivera angry, and the jawing commenced. Please mark August 15th on your calendar, for that is the day the big Yankees-Royals brawl is scheduled.

Indians 8, Tigers 2: D-Train gets an F (1.1 IP, 3 H, 8 ER, 5 BB). Cliff Lee isn't pitching like he did in April and early May, but he keeps winning, and now stands at 10-1.

Rays 13, Angels 4: Isn't it so much nicer when we all get along?

Pirates 5, Diamondbacks 4: Randy Johnson was wild, it was hot, and the Pirates were scoring runs on little dinks, bloops, and bad Diamondback defense. To top it off, a Pirate fan reached over to grab a ball that may or may not have gone over the fence on its own, and the umps reversed their original call, taking away a Diamondback home run. Just sounds like a miserable day for Arizona.

In other action:

White Sox 7, Twins 5;

Mariners 3, Blue Jays 2;

Giants 3, Nats 2

Bear with me this morning.

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Dre said...

Benches briefly cleared in the Pirates/DBacks game as well.

From AZ Republic Nick Piecoro's article
"With the count 2-1, Mientkiewicz was granted time out as Johnson started his delivery. That appeared to irritate Johnson, who got back on the mound after a few moments.

After Mientkiewicz got back in the batter's box, he stepped out again.

"It didn't really bother me at all," Johnson said. "If it would have, he'd probably be in a stretcher and I'd be out of the game." "

Gotta love when RJ gets fired up