Monday, June 30, 2008


From Chris Jaffe's writeup of SABR at THT:

I've been coming to these things for five years now, and I can finally start to see aging take its toll. Jon Daly, a frequent poster at Baseball Think Factory, has glasses. Well, at least he had to turn 40 before needing glasses . . . Craig Calcaterra has a bigger problem. One would think that getting a buzz cut and wearing a ball cap would hide a receding hairline, but that just isn't the case with him.
I take no issue with Chris pointing out my shiny pate, but for someone whose avocation -- sabermetrics -- requires such attention to detail, he should have realized that describing my hairline as "receding" is about as inaccurate as can possibly be. In my case, "receding" left town a decade ago when the hairline broke into a full-blown retreat and then committed suicide by leaping off the back of my neck and onto the floor of my local barbershop. Now my dome is about as chrome as it comes. The ball cap was less about hiding it than it was about protecting the other SABR attendees from the glare.

But as my grandpa, who like me was bald before 30, used to say: God only made a few perfect heads. The rest he covered up with hair.


Repoz said...

Word has it that Tom Swift is working on "Craig Calcaterra's Burden"...

Craig Calcaterra said...

I'd love it. Chief Bender used to be the public face of the old Bull Magazine columns.

Just let me know when the author Q&A takes place so I can start working on my stamina a month or two beforehand.

Jacob said...

Destro! One of my favorite Cobras.