Monday, June 30, 2008

God, I Hate Official Scorers

Reader Kenny S. writes in to vent about the treatment his Jetership received from the official scorer on Saturday:
Picture it, bottom of the 4th, one out. Tatis hits the most routine ground ball to SS in the history of ground balls to SS. The SS boots it. It is scored a hit McCarver is shocked. Buck is shocked. But they shouldn't have been, given the name of the SS. Next time someone questions the value of zone rating/range factor vs. Fielding %, point to this play!

I think most folks have gotten the clue on Jeter's defense and the deference he is given by now -- and Tatis' hit was erased on an inning-ending double play one batter later so it didn't really matter -- but I wanted to give Kenny the chance to vent on this. For one thing because he's right, but more importantly so that he doesn't take his still-simmering rage over this two day-old incident out on a water cooler or up in a bell tower somewhere.

Deep breaths, Kenny. Deep breaths.


Jason said...

When can we adopt a "Jeter being Jeter", which means only a mediocre fielder. OK, feel free to use the "overrated" about his fielding....

Cue Neyer's head exploding at the mere mention of "Gold Glove winner"

Mark Runsvold said...

Jason, I don't mean to quibble, but Jeter could last have been described as mediocre (perhaps charitably) 5 years ago. He's awful.

For a really nice read on the subject go to, mouse over "Fielding Bible Excerpts," and click on "Jeter vs. Everett." I know his overrated-ness has become so widely accepted that he's almost not anymore, but it's disgusting how bad he is. Combine that with those vocal dolts who drool over his defensive prowess and you have an endless source of outrage (at least for me).

Scott said...

I'm surprised that pitchers don't complain about this more. I guess it's tougher for the pitcher to go to the scorer after the game and say, "Hey, Jeter screwed the pooch on that one," than it is for Jeter to go to the scorer and say "Come on, no one could have stopped that one" But still, it's hurting their ERA and that's something people still pay attention to.