Friday, June 20, 2008

And that, my lord, is how we know the Earth to be banana-shaped

Professor Tracy Ringolsby on .400 hitters [fourth item]:
Night games have been a blessing for attendance. But they present a challenge for players. No matter how good the lighting, it's not the same as natural sunshine.

There hasn't been a .400 hitter since night games became a baseball staple. In 1941, the year Ted Williams became the last to hit .400 for a season, only five AL ballparks had been host to a night game. And night games were an event, not a regular part of the schedule. Boston didn't play its first night game at Fenway Park until 1947.
Interesting . . . I've seen other studies that use the same sort of rigorous methodology.

And before you comment, yes, I'm aware that there is data showing that day games generally boost offense. None of that data can be found in Ringolsby's pronouncement, however, and more importantly, none of it supports the notion that the prevalence of night games plays a significant role in the lack of .400 hitters, let alone the causal role Ringolsby implies.


Dan Whitney said...

Craig, I'd be interested to read the full context of Ringolsby's piece, but you've mistakenly pointed both links to the eminently hilarious global temperatures vs pirate census piece. Truly Buzz was right when railing against the blogosphere. Without doubt that mistake would not have made it past an editor!

Keep up the great work!

Craig Calcaterra said...

D'oh! Sorry Dan. Fixed now.

For what it's worth, though, I blockquoted the whole thing.

Dan Whitney said...

Silly me to think a pronouncement like hers would be supported with, I don't know, at least a few more paragraphs.

Thanks Craig

Jason said...

That pirate/temperature chart is just flat out awesome

Dre said...

I refuse to pay attention to anything Ringolsby writes.

ndubya said...

you don't need no stinkin' stats when you're a member of the BBWAA

Chris Odell said...

Chipper Jones 2008 day/night splits:

Day games: .359 AVG
Night games: .405 AVG

Chipper Jones career splits:

Day games: .299 AVG
Night games: .314 AVG

I'm just saying...