Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why yes, I AM in town for the convention!

Not long after posting this I will be hopping into the Shystermobile and heading up I-71 to Cleveland for the 38th Annual SABR Convention. Here are the things I currently don't know:
(1) whether I'm going to make it up there in time for the opening ceremonies;

(2) if I do make it up there in time, whether special guest speaker Bob Feller will be alerted to my presence and have his goons tear me limb from limb for my insolence;

(3) whether I deserve the beating or not. I think I might, actually;

(4) what I will do once I settle in. There are a lot of research presentations and meetings, and I have no idea what to see. Maybe I'll just find some cool kids and follow them around;

(5) whether I'll meet any cool kids.

(6) how much I'll be blogging while I'm there.
That last one is kind of important for our purposes here. I tend to have attention span issues, so I could totally see myself checking out of convention land for a few hours here and there, going back up to my room, and banging out 250 words about, well, whatever. I could also see myself just getting lost walking around and doing nothing more than Friday's recaps. At the same time, seeing as though I won't be on family duty, I may take the unusual step of posting some stuff on Saturday and Sunday too. Really, I have no idea. Check back every so often. We'll get through this thing together.

Finally, I should note that I'm something of a wallflower in these settings, so if you're actually, you know, at the convention yourself, please come up and talk to me. I don't bite, and I promise not to write about you unless you the kind of guy who says some real dumbass thing that causes me to ignore all of your wonderful qualities.


Anonymous said...


You should say hi to Neyer while you are there, unless he's too cool for that.

Jason said...

Rumor has it, Craig has already tipped the hotel clerks so they could get him in an adjoining room. Neyer hasn't yet filed for a restraining order, but after this week, he just might.

I read this on, by the way. :P

mahnu.uterna said...

I dig the oblique slickness of your mea culpas. Screw up more often, you rascally blogger, you! Oh, and do have some fun up there. Some of us are getting the weekend off vicariously through you. :-)