Monday, June 30, 2008

Good News for Angels' Fans

Apparently there is a correlation between the legalization of gay marriage and sports championships:
Spain did it a few years back, and wham, they win the Euro for the first time since 1964. Canada did it just before the 2006 Winter Olympics, and bingo, they had their best-ever medal haul. South Africa legalized gay marriage in 2006, and won the Rugby World Cup the following year. Massachusetts gave same-sex couples the right to wed a few years ago — and ask Red Sox and Celtic fans about how nicely things have gone for their teams since. For all those folks who insist that God’s punishment for gay marriage will be obvious, so far the evidence is, um, lacking. The evidence for the opposite is growing.
Anyone have any proposals for potential causal links?

(link via Sullivan)


tadthebad said...

Sooo, how would you explain the Giants, Padres and Dodgers? Further, how does MA explain the Bruins?

Craig Calcaterra said...

Noise in the data?

/I report the spurious news stories; you decide.

tadthebad said...

What is "Noise in the data"? Randomness?

Craig Calcaterra said...

Nah. Just a BS response on my part in a vain effort to save the joke in light of you pointing out it's obvious flaws. ;-)

tadthebad said...

My bad. Didn't mean to ruin the joke. However, I must say that I plan to employ the "Noise in the data" phrase at my next opportunity. For instance, when my wife gives me a completely logical reason as to why it's my turn to change a nasty diaper, I will simply counter the logic of her argument with said phrase.

Shysterball, unknowingly providing sage advice since 2008.

Kelly said...

Team "chemistry" was taken to a whole new, eHarmony level meaning.