Monday, June 30, 2008

Manny Being Shovey

And you thought he was just a big teddy bear:

Manny Ramirez shoved Red Sox traveling secretary Jack McCormick to the ground in an argument over Ramirez' ticket allotment. Several onlookers moved quickly to separate the two.

Ramirez had asked McCormick for 16 tickets for Saturday night's Red Sox-Astros game, an unusually high number for day-of-game. In addition to handling all travel details for clubs, traveling secretaries also take player ticket requests for both home and away games.

When McCormick cautioned Ramirez that he might not be able to fulfill his request, Ramirez responded by shouting: "Just do your job!"

An argument ensued and Ramirez pushed McCormick, sending him to the ground.

One would think that more than ten years after the show went off the air I would stop immediately thinking of George Costanza every time I read about a team's traveling secretary, but that is simply not the case.


Jason said...

Somewhere, Shawn Chacon is cursing himself "I shoved the WRONG guy!"

Travelling Secretaries, OK.

GM's, not so much.

Being a HOF slugger does help no matter what, of course!

bigcatasroma said...

Maybe Manny can get McCormick to be sent to Cuba to scout, or traded for some Tyson chickens . . .

Anonymous said...

Well, to be fair, Costanza was only the assistant to the traveling secretary!

tadthebad said...

Anon, you are so wrong. How could you forget Costanza providing hitting tips to Jeter and B. Williams during an imprompto BP session while jacking balls out to all fields...

Williams: Are you the one who put us up in that Ramada in Milwaukee?

Costanza: You wanna talk hotels or you wanna win some ballgames?

Jeter: Hey, we won the World Series.

Costanza (smarmy): Six games?

Anonymous said...

Manny being Chacony

Ron Rollins said...

As much as I love Manny being Manny, remember when he was in Cleveland and slapped the clubhouse attendant?

I hate it when my larger than life figures are proven to be human. This is exactly what happened when Superman fell in love with Lois Land in Superman II.