Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yankees Sign Ponson

It's a minor league deal, but given the state of the rotation these days, Sir Sidney may very well be in New York soon.

Which is probably a good thing. I had a case in Scranton a few years back. Not to put too fine a point on it, but there's not a ton to do in Scranton, so it's certainly not the kind of town you want to send a guy with anger-management and drinking problems.


Mac said...

This seems like where an Andy from "The Office" reference should go.

Jason said...

I guess his 10+ ERA from his short stint on the Yanks last year, coupled with his sparkling personality, made him a team favorite.


Justin Zeth said...

Not that you're allowed to answer the question or anything, so it's just kind of rhetorical, but... what the heck were you doing in Scranton?

Oh, and as for my expert analysis on this acquisition:


Craig Calcaterra said...

Client just got sued there. In recent years I've had clients sued in Peoria, Great Falls, Youngstown, and Mobile as well. They NEVER get sued in, say, San Francisco or Miami, or Seattle.

Dumb clients.

Rob said...

Wow, Ponson and a Hard Rock Cafe moving into the South Bronx.

Do you think he gets the employee discount?

themarksmith said...

Dumb lawyer for working for the dumb clients ;).

Dre said...

Desperation at its finest

themarksmith said...

Yeah, damn that whole feeding your family thing.

Osmodious said...^%#$#@!!!!

Didn't they 'take a chance' on the Ponson monster once before? Wasn't that an absolute disaster (or close to it)?

What is the DEAL with the Yankees' prediliction for aged, overweight, ineffective, overpriced pitchers? I don't get it.

I mean...if we want an old fat guy on the mound, Boomer Wells is looking for a job (kind of). At least he has some, um, personality (and a perfect game, in Pinstripes).