Friday, June 13, 2008

Randolph Won't Last the Weekend

That's what SI's Jon Heyman is reporting, anyway:

Willie Randolph's status as Mets manager is extremely tenuous now. General manager Omar Minaya is seriously considering changing managers and at least a couple of the team's coaches, sources told

A Mets official indicated that nothing was expected to be decided today regarding Randolph's status. But that doesn't preclude something from happening later this weekend. Front-office sources indicate his hold on the job is shaky, at best.

Should Randolph be fired, bench coach Jerry Manuel will take over, sources told
Sounds about right. And while I don't think Jerry Manuel is the answer, it's better to try to find the right guy in the offseason than it is to try to do so on the fly.


John Peterson said...

Nice Watchmen pic. Can't wait for the movie. Can't wait for Randolph to get fired, either. Not that it will matter, but still.

Ken Dynamo said...

ah, you beat me to the first watchmen comment, peterson. that movie will be dope. black frieghter anime DVD comes out first. nice.

btw craigers, that watchmen pic saved you from my wraith on yet another big willie doomsday countdown post. touche.

themarksmith said...

I still don't think firing Randolph will solve the Mets' problems, but I wish they would fire him already because this whole thing is getting ridiculous.

Is the time now 11:59:58 (with the option of turning back the clock in the event of a five-game winning streak)?

Craig Calcaterra said...

I was going to title it "11:59:48" but then I remembered your comment the other day. Had to think of another way to do it. ;-)

Eric said...

i wish they'd fire willie, too. it really burned me up that he blamed the younger mets players for every failure the team had last year.

but on the flip side.. when will GM's start getting whacked for assembling crappy teams mid-season?

Matt said...

So if Randolph is around at the end of the weekend we get to rant and rave about the mainstream media and its shoddy reporting like certain members of that group did when Ned Yost's imminent demise was incorrectly reported by a blogger, right?

Justin Zeth said...

Jon Heyman ain't no two-bit blogger, though.

Craig Calcaterra said...

Matt: for as much as I am inclined to defend the bloggers, at least Heyman qualifies his reporting a bit. Badger Blogger went all in, giving the impression that it was a sure thing.

I guess the only way to know if Heyman got taken by his sources is if they drop all three to the Rangers and Willie still has a job on Monday.

Peter said...

This "win a few games now or else you're fired" stuff with managers is really an incredibly silly game, isn't it? If the Mets get a couple good bounces and sweep the Rangers this weekend, suddenly Willie Randolph is a better manager than he is today? Suddenly he's the man for the job?

Either a manager is the right guy for the job or he's not. If you're ready to fire a manager over this game or that, you might as well do it already.