Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shyster to be AWOL for a few hours

I'm stepping out to actually go try a case in a few minutes -- and you thought I only pretended to be a lawyer -- so things will be quiet here this afternoon.

I'll have my PDA, though, so if Omar Minaya fires the Shea Stadium night watchman this afternoon or leaves his wife while she's out shopping or something, please, let me know.



Chris Odell - Houston said...

What happened in your trial? Jury or bench?

Craig Calcaterra said...

Bench trial. We went through openings and four witnesses before we took a break, took a deep breath, and settled the thing. Which probably should have happened months ago, but that's just how those things go. I'm telling myself that it was my withering cross-examination of the plainitff which forced the settlement, but that would be a pretty big lie.

As for details: can't. I made a decision a while back that while I will talk about the law in this space, I shouldn't talk about my specific cases or clients. The only exceptions I've made have been in a couple of cases that had news coverage already, and even then it's been superficial discussion at best.

Utlimately, I need to keep my two worlds separated because, until someone at ESPN or Fox or someplace comes to their senses and hires me, I still need this job. ;-)

Chris - Houston said...

I understand completely. As a fellow trial lawyer, I was just curious. Congratulations, though.