Monday, June 30, 2008

Darrell Rasner Interview

Jason at IIATMS is turning into a regular Barbara Walters. Last week it was Matt Sosnick, this week he interviews Darrell Rasner:
IIATMS: Which teammate has surprised you the most (ie: being friendlier, funnier, more serious, etc.)?

: A-Rod. He is incredibly kind and friendly, and takes an active interest in his teammates. He’s been awesome to me.

: Which of your current teammates would you think is most likely going to be a manager at some point?

: Chad Moeller. Brilliant guy, and loves and respects the game.

Rasner is a well-represented young guy on a veteran team so he's not exactly out there dropping bombs, but given the New York Post's ability to make mountains out of mole hills, I wouldn't be surprised if the two above answers get spun into "Rasner: Jeter's a Meanyhead Who Has No Future!"

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