Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Omar's Story

Enough has been said already about the timing of Willie Randolph's firing, but I just can't let this line from Omar's presser yesterday go:
I want to be clear with this, because the actual implementation of this was
my biggest fear once the decision was made, was that a third party would let
Willie know, and then he is managing the game knowing that he was let go,"
Minaya said. "I would think myself I did not want that to happen.

Yeah, I mean it would be awful if, say, Sports Illustrated was reporting that very thing last week or that countless other outlets weren't reporting much the same way.

If you believe Minaya's claim that he didn't make the decision until after Monday night's game, you have to wonder about his decision making abilities, because a change was obviously in order well before then. If you believe that he had made up his mind earlier, then he's (a) lying; and (b) incompetent of handling the most basic of managerial tasks.

There is a third option a lot of people have mentioned already, and that's that Omar had made up his mind but the Wilpons were dithering and jerking everyone around. If that's the case, well, God save the Mets.

OK, that's the last I say about it. Jerry Manuel's clock is reset at, say, 7PM. Midnight comes for him in October, soon after Minaya's replacement is announced.


themarksmith said...

So he makes the decision to fire him after beating the AL West-leading Angels? Riiiggghhtt.

John Peterson said...

Of course they were dithering. This is the Mets we're talking about.

Daniel said...

I, for one, would be okay if God decided to just let the Mets go...