Monday, June 16, 2008

If A Tree Fall In A Forest . .

The Iowa Cubs and the Nashville Sounds played an interesting game on Saturday:
The Iowa Cubs likely set a team attendance record when they beat Nashville on Saturday - for the fewest number of fans in the stands.

The game took place in an empty stadium, because the downtown evacuation order kept fans from getting to the game.

Principal Park was surrounded by water on Friday, but the waters receded enough so Saturday's game could take place. But because the evacuation order remained in effect at game time, only team employees and major league scouts were allowed through the gate.
That's well and good for Iowa, but what's the Marlins' excuse for all of their empty seats?


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Craig Calcaterra said...

Man, I'm having a bad Monday.

themarksmith said...

I think a misspelling every once in a while is quite acceptable. Never fear.

Pat said...

didn't Veeck have one of his minor league team's play a game with 0 fans intentionally 3 or 4 years ago?

Maybe his current charlotte club? He just had the grounds crews keep the gates locked for 5 innings so the game, and the attendance, was official.

Anonymous said...

Photos above