Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Peterson to San Francisco?

The San Francisco Chronicle muses that recently-fired Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson could be brought to the Bay to help out his former pupil, Barry Zito:
Rick Peterson was Barry Zito's pitching coach through the pitcher's best years
in Oakland. Now that Peterson is unemployed, would it not make sense for the
Giants to hire him as a special instructor to work with Zito and help right

There were indications Tuesday that some in the front office have
reached the same conclusion and are considering Peterson, who was canned as Mets
pitching coach early Tuesday morning.
Peterson could help, I suppose. At least as long as he brings Zito's velocity, command, and concentration with him. Oh, and packing along about $100M to defray costs would help too.

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Anonymous said...

Sabean doesn't want to bring him in now because it might offend Righetti. What about Zito 950 billion dollar contract, isn't that offending somebody?