Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sexson Soon to Set Sail

Richie Sexson is on his way out in Seattle:
Struggling first baseman Richie Sexson's time with the Seattle Mariners could end soon. One day after general manager Bill Bavasi was fired, interim GM Lee Pelekoudas and club executives held meetings throughout the day Tuesday to set the course for the final 31/2 months of the season.

Among the hottest topics: Sexson. According to one person familiar with moves that are planned, Sexson will be let go, possibly within days. The timing is not set because the team is dealing with other personnel issues that go beyond the procedures for moving Sexson. There also is the delicate process involved with getting rid of Sexson, who's making $14 million this season in the final year of a four-year, $50 million contract. (emphasis mine)

What's so delicate about this process? How about: "Hey Richie. You really aren't cutting it anymore and, rightly or wrongly, you've come to symbolize this trainwreck of a baseball team. We're DFA'ing you. See you in the funny papers."

He's a pro. The guy who signed him just got fired in large part because of his performance. My guess is that it would end without much more than a terse handshake.

(link via BTF)


Daniel said...

Have you seen Richie Sexson, Craig? The dude's like 8 feet tall. You try telling a man that big he's fired.

Justin Zeth said...

It's a matter of wording, dog. You just tell him, "Hey Richie, great news--now we're going to keep paying you millions of dollars, but you don't have to actually work anymore!"

Rob said...

"You don't have to actually work anymore"?

That might confuse him because I don't think he's been actually working for several years now.

themarksmith said...

Who wants him now? Rangers? Mets in a platoon with Delgado (that would be precious)? Twins in a DH role? Kansas City (as if they need more offensively underachieving players)? Rays as DH? Cardinals until Pujols comes back? Dodgers to get any offense?