Friday, June 13, 2008


Smoltz goes down, Glavine goes down, and now Chipper goes down too. From themarksmith:
Chipper actually got hurt during batting practice when a ball ricocheted off his bat then the batting cage then his eye. Are you serious? I thought the hamstring was bad, but this is incredible. I think the baseball gods are screwing with the Braves for fun.

I don't think the gods are screwing with them as such. I just think that this is their polite way of saying "yo, it's not 1998 anymore."


Mr. Thursday said...

Why would the baseball gods mess with the Braves anyway? Did Bobby Cox start intentionally walking people like crazy this year? Is Tim Hudson pumping his fist while striking people out, instead of pointing at them like you're supposed to?

Relying on the same guys you relied on in 1995 is just asking for the DL.

Craig Calcaterra said...

That's what you think, Mr. Thursday! You just wait! As soon as Jeff Blauser and David Justice get healthy, why, why, we'll be right back on top . . .


themarksmith said...

They're messing with them because of the success they had for 14 straight seasons. Honestly, the whole 40 year old rotation thing had about as much chance of working as not. Jayson Stark seemed to think it was a good idea. Sometimes things work. Sometimes not. People though Mark Prior was indestructible when he was drafted. That turned out well.