Monday, June 30, 2008

Everything Dies

If I ran the world the Tigers would still be playing in a lovingly restored cathedral to baseball on the corner of Michigan and Trumbull. That ship sailed long ago, however, and now the mercy killing has begun:

Wrecking crews punched a garage-door-sized hole in the north wall of the ballpark today, and at mid-afternoon a bulldozer and hard-hatted workers were visible inside the wall, pulling away railings and other parts of the structure, while a Dumpster and other equipment was parked nearby.

Outside a security fence erected over the past several days, Rich Curbelo, a freelance radio journalist from Bloomfield Hills, said he was there as a fan first.

“This is my friend,” he said, gesturing toward the stadium. “My friend is leaving me. A punch in the wall is like a punch in the heart.”
You said it, brother.

This had to happen, but it doesn't make me any less sad that it is.

Barkeep? Mike mine a double.

(thanks to Mike at The Daily Fungo for the link)


Dre said...

I dread the next time I go home and head to a Tigers game with my dad and drive by what's left of the greatest stadium that ever existed.

Craig Calcaterra said...

I'm taking 275 and avoiding downtown the next time I head up to visit my granny for precisely that reason. It will take a lot longer, but it will probably be worth it.