Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Bill Hall has asked for a trade. Fine, I really don't care. This is not the NBA or NFL, he can ask all he wants. What struck me from the article was this:
Hall, 28, filled in for injured shortstop J.J. Hardy in 2006 and had his best season, slugging 35 homers and driving in 85 runs, earning team MVP honors. After agreeing to move to centerfield last year, Hall was given a four-year, $24 million contract, at the time the biggest deal in club history for an everyday player.
Obviously that has been surpassed by Braun -- and Sheets and Suppan have larger deals -- but I was rather surprised to realize that as of 2006, Milwaukee had never committed more than $24M to an everyday player. That hasn't been a really tremendous number for some time now.


Anonymous said...

Bill Hall has demanded a trade. That sound you hear is of tumbleweeds slowly blowing down the streets of Milwaukee.


Dre said...

He can get in line behind Brandon Inge for 3B/Utility guys with bad contracts who want to be traded.

Peter said...

Hey, Brandon Inge is now a starter for the mighty, mighty, 1000-run Tigers.

(Not that an Indians fan should be talking trash at this point...)

John Peterson said...

That's what the Mets are paying Luis Castillo over the same time period.


Ron Rollins said...

If he can still play SS, Kansas City is looking for one that can hit at least .200, and knows that he's allowed to run past 1B when he actually does get a hit.

We'll trade the manager straight up for him.

Drew said...

He may not be able to hit the ball all the way to the grass on a fly, but Castillo quietly enjoyed a .407 OBP in May, and that's nothing to be upset about.