Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Let it die, Moises

Moises Alou plays with Steve Bartman's emotions like a puppet on a string.


Drew said...

The Cubs could generate some great press if they make this postseason by giving Bartman seats to every postseason game, right behind home plate. You know, behind the screen, where he couldn't interfere with a ball.

Good for Bartman, funny for the press, everyone's a winner.

Chris H. said...

Drew, that's a fabulous idea. The press can eat it up in a "oh-look-they're-getting-rid-of-the-curse" kind of way, and maybe Alou will shut up.

themarksmith said...

After being in Chicago this past weekend, the fans there (even the announcers) haven't let it go. But I agree, Alou is being a jerk about this whole thing, but the media keep asking.