Monday, June 2, 2008

God, I Love Baseball

From reader Cooker, first posted in the comments section of this morning's recaps:

Friday nights Red Sox-Orioles game, home plate umpire gives the full, dramatic strike three call against Coco Crisp. The only problem is that it is only strike two, leaving the umpire with a little egg on his face. Coco almost gets run when he tells the umpire: "and it still wasn't a strike!"

Commentators Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer reference the classic Enrico Palazzo umpiring scene in "The Naked Gun" to describe the call the ump made.

God I love baseball.


Osmodious said...

The same thing happened in the Yankees/Mariners game last week...except it was the very last out of the game! The Yankees were all shaking hands in the infield and the umpire had to call everyone back. To his credit, Beltre (the batter at the time) seemed more amused than truly upset...even after the pitcher (Veres, I think) lost his grip on a breaking ball 2 pitches later and almost beaned him...

Dunno why, but I always enjoy it when the players laugh...maybe because, in my mind, this is supposed to be fun, and that shows that they remember it every now and again, too.

Joey said...

From Pete Abraham of the Yankees LoHud blog:

"They just had four people in fish costumes race around the bases. The bass won. I love the Metrodome."

I just read that and thought of ya Shyster