Wednesday, January 2, 2008

THT Looks at the 60s

Steve Treder at The Hardball Times looks back at some of the things we may have missed in the 60s due to the low levels of offense and the high levels of drugs that defined the era. There is a lot of really good stuff in there, including a conclusion (which is backed up by the evidence, by the way) that is likely to send Sawx fans into a tizzy:

Tony Conigliaro

Stories don't get any sadder than this one, of course. But poignant as Tony C.'s case legitimately is, all too often we see him portrayed as a budding superstar, who but for his terrible beaning had MVP-caliber seasons surely awaiting. Candidly, the evidence just doesn't support that . . . Tony C. was a very good player, but his injury didn't rob us of a great career.

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