Monday, January 28, 2008

Editor Wanted

Roger Clemens' agent has released an 18,000-word report that purports to establish, statistically, that Clemens' late-career uptick wasn't the result of steroids. I've not seen the report yet, but using Times New Roman 12-point font, 18,000 words translates to roughly 36 single-spaced pages, allowing for some paragraph breaks of course.

By comparison, this year's Baseball Prospectus comes in at over 600-pages. Of course, the BP folks are breaking down thousands of players, so my guess is that it will provide far more bang for your analysis buck.

Update: the report is here. It's 42 pages. Their font is a bit bigger than I expected.
Update 2: watch this BTF thread, for it will probably contain some of the best refutation and/or support of the report you'll find today. It's quiet now, but if you listen, you can almost hear the tapping of calculator keys.
Update 3: I have a go at it here.

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