Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wither Barry?

Cliff Corcoran breaks down the potential landing sports for Barry Bonds, assuming of course, he lands anywhere. Surprisingly, his top two destinations are NL teams.


Anonymous said...

I believe you mean WHITHER Barry... he may indeed be withering in the absence of PEDs, but I don't think that's what the article was referring to.

Shyster said...

Here's what happened: I had written the title just before 6AM, planning on writing some longer what's-gonna-happen-to-Barry story that would have -- I swear -- included some allusion to the wither/whither thing, Barry dying on the vine, etc. etc. It was gonna be awesome.

Then my 4 year-old woke up an hour earlier than she normally does, interrupting my grand plan. I went and fed her breakfast and did daddy things, and when I had a brief moment before heading in to work, I remembered my fragment post and just quickly made it a link to the Corcoran article. Forgot in my haste to change the title, though.

Forgot about the whole post until now. I suppose I could change it, but now that I have this whole explanation written, I think I'll just leave it as-is.