Friday, January 18, 2008

World Series MVP Perks

Mike Lowell is living the good life:

There are perks to being World Series MVP, as Mike Lowell happily recounted yesterday.

"I got to shoot an ad today with Rene Russo," the Red Sox third baseman said before the Boston Baseball Writers dinner at the Westin Waterfront Hotel. "I don't think that if I went 1 for 17 in the Series I would have gotten the same chance."

Methinks that meeting Rene Russo would have been a much better perk for being the 1987 World Series MVP as opposed to 2007, but I suppose you take what you can get.


Jason said...

I saw Russo at Fenway two years back. She sat a few seats away from me. Let's just say that while she's still attractive, she's showing her mileage. Then again, she's not 23 either. Or 33. Or...

I'm guessing single guy Beckett has enjoyed some better perks of winning it all. Just guessing, though.

Mike D said...

... or even better the 1977 World Series MVP. I'm sure Reggie would have found time for her!