Monday, January 14, 2008

Great Moments in Competitive Integrity

The new American Gladiators show is testing for PEDs:

The steroids-in-sports scandal has filtered down to reality TV.

NBC has been testing the 12 cast members of "American Gladiators" for performance-enhancing drugs, according to a report today in the authoritative trade magazine Broadcasting & Cable.

The performers - all body builders competing in a new version of the rough-and-tumble show of the early 1990s - were all tested when they underwent their initial physicals, the magazine says.

I for one am glad they are doing this. I mean, it will make me sad when Nitro's 1992 "Atlasphere" record is broken by this new batch of gladiators, but at least now we will know that it was done fairly and that we won't need to apply any asterisks to the achievement.

(Hat tip to Jason at It IS about the Money, Stupid)

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