Monday, January 14, 2008

Riding Giants

Maverick's is pretty effing cool. This year's Contest ended yesterday, with thousands of surf fans trudging down to Half Moon Bay, scrambling down to the beach, and watching the big wave riders a half-mile away, all the while buffeted by cold Pacific winds. Of course, there were other options for the less adventurous:

Other surf fans gathered in the third deck at AT&T Park to watch the contest on the stadium's giant monitor. Tickets were selling for $25, with beer flowing at ballpark rates.
Yes, it may be easy to laugh at people who go to a downtown ballpark to watch a surfing competition, but cut them some slack: they bore witness to what is likely to be the last competitive contest in AT&T Park for the next couple of years.


APBA Guy said...

Those of us who live in San Mateo County can tell you that seeing Mavericks is really cool, although this year we didn't get the 50 ft monsters we can get, but we still had some nice waves. The problem is actually seeing the waves and teh competitors. The break is a half mile offshore, and the angle of teh break to the shore means that not many people can actually witness the event.

The ball park, in downtown SF, gives you a lot of amenities(including restrooms and chairs) you don't get at Pilar Point, and the camera projection on the Jumbotron is actually better than anything you get short of a boatside view in the water.

Don Evans said...

haha Very funny post