Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mitt Romney Must Be Stopped

This has nothing to do with his politics (though I stray from time to time, ShysterBall strives to be as apolitical as possible). It has everything to do with preventing the proliferation of baseball ignorance. From Paul Lukas at Uni Watch:

I caught a quick glimpse of a Mitt Romney campaign rally on TV yesterday and noticed that many of the people in the crowd were holding up signs shaped like baseball gloves — mitts, get it? Only problem is, a regular fielder’s glove is not a mitt, because “mitt” is short for “mitten” and only applies to the fingerless gloves worn by catchers and first basemen. Do we really want a president whose campaign makes this sort of mistake? I think not.



Chris H said...

Technically that may be correct, but don't most kids growing up use "glove" and "mitt" interchangeably?

Keep splitting technical hairs like this and Dan Shaughnessy will be along soon to tell you to go outside and play a game with a mitt instead of worrying about, y'know, getting words correct. :)

brian said...

Chris H said it right :)