Monday, January 28, 2008

Meta-take on the Bedard Trade

I don't have stunning insight on the Bedard trade that may or may not have already happened (go to U.S.S. Mariner for that which, as usual, is THE place to go for all things Mariner), but I did see something fun about it at the news aggregator Ballbug:

Below the little summary, in blue, are the names of various blogs which have already linked to the story. Check out how many of them are Mets and Yankees-specific blogs. I haven't read them all yet so it's possible that this is mostly a case of bloggers willing to go outside of their bailiwick during a slow news time. My first thought upon seeing this, though, was that Mets and Yankees fans have to be quite shocked that teams other than their own had the wherewithal to go out and get a big pitcher.

I'm actually going to go read them now.

Update: OK, my preconceptions about Yankee/Met takes on this were wrong. Only two of those blogs view the trade from the New York perspective, one noting that the AL East will be an easier place for the Yankees without Bedard around, and the other noting that Minaya wanted Bedard but never had the prospects.

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