Monday, January 21, 2008


Hey, Boston vs. New York! I wonder if, over the next couple of weeks, anyone is going to come up with some sort of angle about teams from those respective cities having something of a rivalry.


Jason said...

dang you, Shyster. I was gonna start beating that angle to a pulp this freezing cold morning. Now, not so much.

Wonder where the populace will be standing on this matchup? Pro-undefeated season? Pro-underdog? Anti-Belichick? Anti-Manning? Anti-NY or Anti-Boston? Anti-both?

Shyster said...

Sorry Jason. I wake up early.

Since the Giants aren't terribly well-liked outside of gotham, I predict that the nation will be split 50/50 on (a) rooting against the Patriot machine; and (b) rooting to see history made with a 19-0 season.

If the Pack had won, the sentiment would have been 100% anti-Patriot, at least until we all got sick of the Favre-worship a day or two before the game.